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Size & Rates of Affordable Storage Units in Amherst, NH

Countryside Self-Storage in Amherst, NH has a variety of storage solutions to fit your needs. Listed below are the storage units rates and the approximate contents each will accommodate.

Monthly Rates Available

Countryside Self-Storage rates are competitive and can be obtained for a monthly rental agreement.
Unit Size Capacity Monthly Rate
5 X 10 Holds the contents of a 6 x 12 trailer, pickup truck, cargo van, or large closet. $ 60.00
10 X 10 Holds the contents of a 15 foot truck or an average sized room. $ 95.00
10 X 15 Holds the contents of a 20 foot truck or 2 to 3 rooms. $ 115.00
10 X 20 Holds the contents of a 24 foot truck or a small home. Storage is the size of a small single garage.
$ 135.00
10 X 20 Plus New 10 X 20 units Taller than normal 10 X 20 $ 140.00
10 X 25 Holds the contents of a 26 foot truck or the contents of a 3 bedroom home. Storage is the size of an average single garage. $ 155.00
10 X 30 Holds the contents of a 4 bedroom house, a boat, or 2 small cars. $ 175.00
12 X 30 Ideal for the contractor, antiques dealer or small businessman who has lots of materials and needs room to spread out. The wider door makes loading and unloading even easier -- and adds more space in the unit! $ 200.00
Security Deposit
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